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He offers her chips but worried about her miniscule figure alleges that Gran has made her tea. They part and coming the other way are Tim and Faye worried about Craig.

He is working on a muriel and they say if caught he will have no chance of joining the police - but that is dead anyway. Faye gives him a hug to calm him down which he accepts.

After the break we resume with Leanne pointing out that she is not Simon's biological mother but she loves him as if he was her own. Kate says Eva will kick off as she is really low maintenance (meant ironically, Eva is never ever going to be low maintenance).

Nick wants to love the baby but remains worried that Steve will change his mind and want to look after it. Their attention turns to Jenny with as Kate says "that strawberry blonde big eye thing going on, like a Disney princess".

In the back room of the Rovers, Liz isn't talking to Steve. " Aidan asks him, though of course Johnny knows exactly how that feels. He gets up and grabbing something storms out slamming the door behind him. Leanne returns to the flat's living room and Nick says that Simon is in the shower. The present is the three of them, and Nick adds plus Steve's baby. Nick tells Leanne the problem is because she messed up lying to his face. Nick therefore knows that Steve knows (as does Liz of course).

He tries to tell her that he is not moving in, but she starts kissing him and as the poor lad lacks a few braincells is easily distracted by an attractive woman.Sinead comes down too late to see the presents opened. Kirk needs loo - he seems to have nervous bladder and says he's not good with confrontation. Nick offers Si some money to take Amy to the cinema and he reluctantly accepts.They're all off to a workers meeting in the cafe for a team talk. Leanne tells Nick that the important thing is that she loves him - end of discussion.Nick and Leanne talk about baby names, such as Tiberius. And she knows he loves her and she does not give a monkey about anything else. Nick does not answer before we break for some adverts. Jenny arrives and Sean tells her they're staying outside the factory until they know who snitched. She's surprised - she didn't realise they were serious about the strike. She wants him to apologise for threatening to throw him out. "I meant two." "You'll have two," Steve points out. In view of the earlier announcement in front of Steve Nick reckons that Steve is laughing his head off. Leanne assures Nick that he will be the baby's father.

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