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The Chiefs alone knew the aim of the Order; the subalterns followed them without distrust.” While attempting to keep their veil of secrecy tightly drawn, the Templar elite organized their order into a concentric arrangement - consisting of outer and inner circles of initiates.

The Johannite hierarchy comprised the three inner circles, while the rest of the knights occupied the seven outer circles.

According to Jean Robin, another French occultist of high repute, only those advanced Templars of the three inner circles were aware of the Orders’ gnostic practices. Whatever tiny bits of wisdom any western religion tried to keep tight to the vest was a drop in the bucket to eastern wisdom traditions.

He states: “The Order of the Temple was indeed constituted of seven ‘exterior’ circles dedicated to the minor mysteries, and of three ‘interior’ circles corresponding to the initiation into the great mysteries.” Mark Amaru Pinkham Mark Amaru Pinkham is an author and researcher who has published six books on the ancient mysteries of Earth and the evolution of humanity His books include The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom Guardians of the Holy... This is all just trivia, and does not advance one down the path of wisdom. Well all I can say is 'the plot thickens' !!

We are pleased to welcome you to the mountaintop town of Sand Rock, Alabama, situated in the Northwestern part of Cherokee County.

Sand Rock has that “hometown America” atmosphere with all the character and friendliness you’d expect from a close-knit hospitable community.

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If anything, his memory has both troubled and impressed people down to this day. In Mediterranean cuisine it is the symbol of summer and its origins are lost in the mists of time.Our website will constantly change and grow as Sand Rock’s town leaders increase the availability of information and services through online resources.Most importantly, visit Sand Rock and meet its people who know that it is not only a fine place to visit, but also a fine place to live. We invite you to visit here again – online or in person!The early Templars were also aware that the Vatican knew of their existence; Vatican spies were always swarming the Middle East.They tried – albeit unsuccessfully- to keep their Johannite affiliation hidden by restricting entrance into the Johannite Mysteries to only the inner circle of the Templar hierarchy.

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