Calendar dating back to 1980

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Maybe it was disabled by code changes in Calendar since then.This URL trick doesn’t have the limitations of the ‘Jump to date’ extension and it’s a little surprising it hasn’t been officially integrated in the web interface.I had to click hundreds of times to get to the right month view and edit the events!I was very puzzled by this lack in the web interface, because such options are build-in to most mobile phones, like the Nokia model I used for almost three years.June 1857(II) October 1860(III) April 1865(I) June 1869(II) October 1873(III) March 1882(I) March 1887(II) July 1890(III) January 1893(I) December 1895(IV) June 1899(III) September 1902(IV) May 1907(II) January 1910(I) January 1913(I) August 1918(III) January 1920(I) May 1923(II) October 1926(III) August 1929(III) May 1937(II) February 1945(I) November 1948(IV) July 1953(II) August 1957(III) April 1960(II) December 1969(IV) November 1973(IV) January 1980(I) July 1981(III) July 1990(III) March 2001(I) December 2007 (IV) December 1854 (IV) December 1858 (IV) June 1861 (III) December 1867 (I) December 1870 (IV) March 1879 (I) May 1885 (II) April 1888 (I) May 1891 (II) June 1894 (II) June 1897 (II) December 1900 (IV) August 1904 (III) June 1908 (II) January 1912 (IV) December 1914 (IV) March 1919 (I) July 1921 (III) July 1924 (III) November 1927 (IV) March 1933 (I) June 1938 (II) October 1945 (IV) October 1949 (IV) May 1954 (II) April 1958 (II) February 1961 (I) November 1970 (IV) March 1975 (I) July 1980 (III) November 1982 (IV) March 1991(I) November 2001 (IV) June 2009 (II) Other Related Press Releases: April 12, 2010 January 7, 2008 October 21, 2003 December 21, 1990 December 31, 1979 October 25, 1979 July 27, 1979 Prior to 1979, there were no formal announcements of business cycle turning points.The NBER does not define a recession in terms of two consecutive quarters of decline in real GDP.You will need to go back and change the column to a formula format again adding the formula once more and repeat the above process it seems each time, correct? My use case involves a table of invoices and wanting a calendar view showing the date 30 days after the invoice was created, serving as a reminder to send out late payment notices. Subscription start & end dates are very common for many businesses, and we need a way for a formula driven date to appear within the calendar view.

It would seem more natural to integrate ‘Year view’ as a standard feature next to the month/week/day views.

‘Jump to date’ sounded really promising, until I realized it only allowed you to go back to 2005!

Fortunately this limit was relaxed and now you can go back to 1980 or forward to 2030 using this add-on.

Pursued by Māori and colonial troops to Ngātapa, an old hilltop pā inland from Poverty Bay, Te Kooti narrowly avoided capture after a three-day siege.

Many of those with him were captured and executed the following day. The battle at Ruapekapeka (‘bats’ nest’), a sophisticated pā built by the Ngāpuhi chief Kawiti, ended the Northern War.

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