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Sunliss Keratin: Hi ladies, I have been using the Sunliss ultra keratin since the last summer 2012. If you are concerned about formaldehyde and other dangerous chemicals, Pure Brazilian has two formulas: Pure Brazilian Reconstructor Solution ORIGINAL and Pure Brazilian Plant Derived Smoothing Solution CLEAR: Clear one contains no harsh chemicals and it's safe even for Children and Pregnant Women. I have personally had horrific side effects from them and have read / met many other women whom have as well.Because of my active lifestyle, ( I do 2 hours at the gym 4 times a week) my hair gets dry and frizzy. it has maintained the silkiness I loved to have before all my exercising days. I had major hair loss and after two years have finally recovered from it.After the obligatory 48 hours (I actually waited closer to 72 hours), I washed my hair. Washed it as usual, and sprayed a little shine spray on my wet hair. I had read many things online, and figured my hair would still be somewhat wavy, but frizz free. I do not know how this product was even approved by the FDA, keratin treatment is not suppose to make your hair pin straight, only happens when it contains a lot of formaldehyde and low quality ingredients within the product,,, I would stay far far way from any of her products,, Watch out, ladies!After that I went out (hair still wet, but seemed like there might be a tiny bit of frizz developing). :) :)Shiny and straight, I could run my fingers through it. I never dreamed it would be perfect and beautiful and straight without any styling at all. In the future I will skip the shine spray since it seemed to make my roots oily (a problem which I never dreamed I'd have lol). I do have one question to anyone who knows, I know products must be sulfate free, and alchohol fee, but, does cetyl alcohol count? Many of these products contain formaldehyde which is known to cause cancer.I usually blow dry it with my head upside down and straighten it and I do have some frizz. Well here are the results: 2 weeks later : NO FRIZZ what so ever. I wash my hair before bed, and I wake up and blow dry it for 4 minutes and straighten it for another 4, and I'm good to go. Ever since my hair has never been the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We hope that you will join us in this effort by adding your voice to the demand for Brazil to vindicate Raymond's murder.

I applied it everywhere (took maybe 30 minutes) with the fan on in the bathroom. The BKT were founded by a Brazilian mortician who noticed that when corpses hair were drenched in formaldehyde they became straight. I was not well informed at the time and learned later on most of these contain formaldehyde which has been linked to cancer. Also, I practice Bikram almost daily and have to wet my hair so the BKT did not even last as long as I would have liked. I have never written a review online before, but I just had to do one now. It is beautiful when it is in a good mood, which is approximately 10 days a year. I own every kind of lotion, potion, spray and mousse known to man. Before she even came out with this so called Marcia teixeira many of people I know had it done in her house, not only was she working without a license at that time neither did she have any clue!

I had called a hair salon near me and asked them about it and they said it's all natural ... Yes my hair was straight, but it lacked volume and bounce. I recently purchased Elixir Keratin Hair Treatment (bought it off of Ebay for a great deal). It was tedious, and took about 5 hours (I have VERY long, thick hair, for normal people it should take about half as long). After it was all finished, my hair looked and felt healthy and straight, but the true test would come after a washing, since my hair is pretty easy (although time consuming) to straighten, and always looks very nice when straightened. friends asked why their eyes were burning her excuse was that it was onions in the product..

On March 27, 1950 Raymond James Merrill was born in San Francisco, California.

On April 1, 2006 Raymond James Merrill was drugged, robbed, and viciously murdered in Brazil by Regina Filomena Rachid; a woman he met on the Internet; a woman who he believed was going to marry him.

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