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Even though she makes all the wrong moves, she’s still always able to see the positive.Both Dunst and Wilson received Golden Globe nominations for their roles—as did Thornton, Tolman, Freeman, and Hanks in Season 1—and all for good reason.It introduces us to the main antagonist, Lorne Malvo (Thornton), plus bored insurance salesman Lester Nygaard (Freeman), anxious police Deputy Molly Solverson (Tolman), who is trying to figure out why a man wearing only boxers would be frozen to death in the middle of a field, and single dad/cop Gus Grimley (Hanks), whose frightening encounter with Malvo sets the story in motion.Season 1: Episode 4, "Eating the Blame" A flashback gives us some insight into how Stavros Milos (Oliver Platt)—who Malvo is protecting from being blackmailed but blackmailing at the same time—became the “Super Market” king of Minnesota.is that rare series that truly does not waver in its quality.Plus, each episode is packed with information and forward movement in terms of the narrative, so it also requires your full attention.In fact, it's one of the few series that makes going back and watching the whole thing a second time a great idea—because you’ll pick up on references in both seasons that you hadn’t noticed the first time around.Which is a long way of saying: Don’t skip a single episode—especially these...

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Still, flightiness and all, it’s hard to not to be charmed by her transformation from stuck-in-a-rut townie to self-actualized badass.Because the show is so densely packed with nuance, storylines, and characters (not to mention a dream list of actors, including Martin Freeman, Allison Tolman, Colin Hanks, Bob Odenkirk, Oliver Platt, Adam Goldberg, Glenn Howerton, Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Stephen Root, Jean Smart, Ted Danson, Bokeem Woodbine, Brad Garrett, Nick Offerman, Kieran Culkin, and Bruce Campbell as Ronald Reagan), it’s hard to give much detail without giving too much away.It's better you watch for yourself, particularly before Season 3—which features Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Carrie Coon, David Thewlis, Michael Stulhbarg, Jim Gaffigan, and Ewan Mc Gregor playing two characters—drops in the spring.Sure, there are a few episodes that we can (and, in just a second, , you can really start with either one and not be lost.(Though it’s good to start from the beginning.) Because it’s an anthology, each season is a self-contained unit—though the stories are connected.

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