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Krosno, a royal town from its origin, used the coat of arms of the Piasts from Kujawy (half an eagle and half a lion with a crown over their heads) and, owing to the king's foundation, was surrounded with a defensive wall as early as the 14th century.During the reign of Casimir III the Great the construction of stone fortifications was begun to encircle the hill.It is located in the heartland of the Doły (Pits), and its average altitude is 310 metres (1,020 ft) above sea level, although there are some hills located within the confines of the city.Neighbouring municipalities are: Korczyna, Krościenko Wyżne, Miejsce Piastowe, Chorkówka, Jedlicze, and Wojaszówka.Some researchers thought that the name is connected with "weaving loom" (in Polish: krosno), while others traced it back to "pustules", "pimples" or "being pimply" (in Polish: krosta, krostowatość), which apparently reflected the bumpy shape of the area where the first settlement was founded.Finally an opinion was adopted that the original Polish name disappeared and the existing name is the result of a transformation of the German (see: Walddeutsche) name "Krossen".But it was only under King Ladislaus Jagiello that the full-length stone and partly earth town fortifications were completed.Two gates led into the town: the Hungarian one from the south-east and the Kraków one from the north-west.

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