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Many touching on the same theme heard 20th hand, but they deserve a certified Top 10 to close out the segment.

May your feet be swift, your bats be mighty, and your balls be plentiful.




On the other, it still strikes me as odd to see people looking for intimacy without friendship or romance.

Rates are comparable to, so you might want to investigate these services as well.

The biggest downside of every one of these services is that there are a lot of profiles for nonsubscribers - and you have no way of knowing who hasn't subscribed.

Detection ratio: 0 / 32 Analysis date: 2012-12-22 UTC ( 0 minuti ago ) https:// SHA256: 478cab7721ce7723b697f09c20c5b0006411de679350fc71dd9cae7d55f80946 File name: bfb389ea49d4417e53a62d34650c08d3 Detection ratio: 7 / 46 Analysis date: 2012-12-22 UTC https:// SHA256: a3492bf0cfce92d61d09dea41d8bbd04ec8b7d1931b37ff434df083637411507 File name: freescan_vista_2013Detection ratio: 7 / 44 Analysis date: 2012-12-22 UTC Malwarebytes Trojan.

Lame Shield I think this is the same malware reported here https:// The downloaded and installed rogue claims to be: XP Total Security 2011 I've edited the OP to reference this example of email spam :) It appears more domains are pointing to that IP since my initial post, including these two.

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