Hjojo dating

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Jaime: She got nominated, and all of us, especially her, started to do the Golden Globe squats, the Golden Globe arms.I feel like it’d be easier to pinpoint one bad day than it is to pinpoint one good day." data-reactid="104"Gina: [Laughs.] And that little spitfire.They look at me like I’m crazy: “You’re gonna win, you’re gonna win.” We were at the Globes, and remember?so I just had this orb of ridiculous energy around me.Throughout her time in the competition, Jo Jo landed in the bottom three a total of three times before finally being eliminated in Divas in the House after she failed to outshine Trinity in their hip hop duet.

But probably when we found out about the Golden Globes…Gina: Yeah, that was a pretty great day.That would mean something to me.”" data-reactid="130"Gina: Brilliant writers.I was talking about it the other day to one of my friends, who is quote-unquote not our demographic.The fact that our family happens to have a Latin background…Vietnam." data-reactid="148"Jaime: Yeah, I think that’s great.

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