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It has a slightly peculiar but nice spiced fragrance which reminded us of Christmas (think cloves and cinnamon), but it develops a sun-kissed colour after a couple of applications and there was no waiting around for the mousse to sink in before dressing.Buy now One of the high street’s most popular fake tans for decades, Dove’s moisturising gradual tan lotion focuses on caring and hydrating the skin more than others.Buy now As a mousse, this gradual tanner is slightly more fun to apply than simple lotions.What’s more, it’s made using mostly plant-derived, natural and organic ingredients including argan oil.This one does have a slightly more traditional fake tan smell, though. Buy now This tanning lotion smells delicious and sweet (but possibly isn’t one for those who aren’t a fan of anything too sickly).

Buy now This fake tan has a pleasant, coconutty smell and the colour – which was natural-looking – developed in about six hours.The scent of this one, a classic cocoa butter fragrance, is strong but there are no hints of that traditional fake tan smell.A thick, white lotion, it moisturises skin well but also sinks in quickly so there’s no hanging around waiting to get dressed.But we all know how dangerous it is to spend hours soaking up the sun or use sunbeds.According to the British Skin Foundation, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK, and UV exposure is the main preventable cause.

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