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The Calliope Hummingbird has been seen in western Washington recently (the sighting of a Calliope on the wetside always causes the Tweeters to get a little twitterpated), but it is a rare visitor here and prefers the east side and the mountains.

The Calliope is smaller than the resident Rufous Hummingbirds.

If your feeder is hanging in the sun or outside temperatures are high, the nectar may start to ferment in just one day.

Put out only as much nectar as your birds will consume in two or three days.

Anna’s Hummingbirds have been known to hang around all winter in western Washington backyards.

According to Birds of North America, the Anna’s Hummingbird has moved northward, increasing their range, taking advantage of the feeding opportunities in gardens filled with exotic, ornamental plants and the hummingbird lovers catering to their nectar needs throughout the winter.

A mother hummingbird can pass a fungal infection to her babies — who will also die of starvation.

“We watched our beautiful General die within 24 hours.” “I held him in my hand, inside a warm cloth, to help ease his passing,” Miller said.

“Please, warn others to keep ALL their bird feeders clean.” The proper care of hummingbird feeders requires a significant commitment of time and energy.

Fermented nectar creates liver damage, which will also cause death.

When you go on vacation this summer, take down your feeders or leave your feeders in the care of a trusted neighbor.

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