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“I didn’t set out to send academics up so much as just play with the natural propensity for the fantastical that overtakes anyone in Oxford.When The Amber Spyglass [the third and final book in the His Dark Materials trilogy] was published, the All Souls Mallard procession was taking place: every 100 years they take this wooden drake out of a cupboard, and march it round the quad, singing the Mallard Song, to commemorate something that happened around 1600.I asked Philip how much he’d been involved in the two stage productions — first at the National Theatre, and now a less elaborate Birmingham production. Also, there’s the matter of tact: you don’t go in and throw your weight around, saying, ‘you can’t do it like this, you’ve got to do it like that’.You plant suggestions, and hope they’ll be carried out.

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That’s something that could only happen in Oxford.” At one point in the His Dark Materials story, an Oxford bus shelter becomes the starting point for a journey not to Barton or Kidlington, but to a whole new world.In addition to our training, many volunteers have lost animals too, and experienced much of what most people feel at this difficult time.By helping others through their loss we also hope to become better, more compassionate veterinarians.“At the National, Nicholas Wright, who wrote the excellent script, and Nicholas Hytner, the director, were very welcoming to me.In Birmingham, I was busier and had less time, but I gave a few notes, and talked to the cast about the way the characters develop.

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