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That position became hereditary in certain feudal families in the Empire, and the title came to be borne by rulers of some Imperial principalities until the abolition of the Empire in 1806 (e.g., Margrave of Brandenburg, Margrave of Baden).

Thereafter, those domains were absorbed in larger realms or the titleholders adopted titles indicative of full sovereignty. 1551) is the English and French form of the German noble title Markgraf (Mark, meaning "march", added to Graf, meaning "Count"); it is related semantically to the English title "Marcher Lord".

Moreover, a margrave might expand his sovereign's realm by conquering additional territory, sometimes more than he might retain as a personal domain, thus allowing him to endow his own vassals with lands and resources in return for their loyalty to him; the consequent wealth and power might allow the establishment of a de facto nearly independent principality of his own.

Most marches and their margraves arose along the eastern borders of the Carolingian Empire and the successor Holy Roman Empire.

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The Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV's Golden Bull of 1356 recognized the Margrave of Brandenburg as an elector of the Empire.Das Fahrzeug ist unfallfrei, hat keinerlei Schäden und ist in sehr schönem Zustand. Gearbox was rebuild 4 races ago with a new Quaife differen...SKODA OCTAVIA WRC EVO III CAR IN STATE OF COLLECTION, TOTALLY RECOSTRUIDO AND TOO.As a noun and hereditary title, "margrave" was common among the languages of Europe, such as Spanish and Polish.Because the territorial integrity of the borders of the realm of a king or emperor was essential to national security, the vassal (whether a count or other lord) whose lands were on the march of the kingdom or empire was likely to be appointed a margrave and given greater responsibility for securing the border.

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