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*** At Le Boudin Restaurant and Bar at the foot of the dunes, the air was cigarette smoke and the smell of spent men.

Bored girls played dice games and smiled like skulls while GIs pawed their breasts, hanging on to keep from falling. The two GIs stood under the awning outside the bar, trying to calculate how to take the lid off the PX box.

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Nashville and his partner are drawn into the heart of the matter by their violent colleague Sergeant Caution, the obsequious landlord Moreau, the improbable entrepreneur Izzy Berger and the mysterious, omnipotent Mamasan.

Few, however, can equal the vernacular flair, the originality of treatment of matters that we had thought overly familiar and the narrative drive of Mark Dapin's Spirit House ...

Dapin is funny, poignant, vibrantly witty and his novel is a treat from its elegiac opening to its bitter, unexpected close.' Canberra Times 'A literary cocktail of rare originality.

They take something that almost everyone thinks they know something about, re-examine it from a completely unexpected direction and present the reader with a whole new take on their expectations ...

Mark Dapin has pulled off a deeply human, but particularly Australian, bit of magic.' Courier-Mail 'Every other week, it seems, a fine new Australian novel is published.

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