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“One thing I learned early in my career is that it isn’t about you as an individual; you’re really just an obstacle in the way of that child doing what they want to do.” Second rule: play the long game.

“Ultimately these boys are going to do what I want them to do.

As the then deputy head of Passmores Academy in Harlow, Drew was the standout star of the fly-on-the-school-wall show.

He emerged as a contrary mix of silk and steel, joining a student snowball fight one minute, stamping down on uniform refuseniks the next.

“I just think people have rose-tinted spectacles about the way things were,” Drew shrugs.

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They scream at their parents and refuse to attend debriefings.‘Military-style discipline is an incredibly simplistic solution to the problem of bad behaviour in children.I think it’s short-termist and it totally misses the point about the way that children work. Do we want to bring children up just to be unthinking, unquestioning automatons who just say ‘Yes sir, no sir’ to everything?So we deal with his behaviour, but not by losing our rag.” Is he ever seething beneath that mild exterior, though? “Am I really so shallow as an adult that I’m going to be upset by what an eight-year-old thinks?No, I’m not.” First rule of teaching: don’t take it personally.

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