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These variations result from the complex interactions between the biochemical development of the grape, the reactions involved in fermentation, the terroir, and the production process.Many countries enact legal appellations intended to define styles and qualities of wine.The earliest remains of Apadana Palace in Persepolis dating back to 515 BC include carvings depicting soldiers from Achaemenid Empire subject nations bringing gifts to the Achaemenid king, among them Armenians bringing their famous wine.Literary references to wine are abundant in Homer (8th century BC, but possibly relating earlier compositions), Alkman (7th century BC), and others.These typically restrict the geographical origin and permitted varieties of grapes, as well as other aspects of wine production.Wines not made from grapes include rice wine and fruit wines such as plum, cherry, pomegranate and elderberry. The earliest known traces of wine are from China (c.Sweet wines are produced when the fermentation is interrupted before all the grape sugars are converted into alcohol.Sparkling wines, which are mostly white wines, are produced by not allowing carbon dioxide from the fermentation to escape during fermentation, which takes place in the bottle rather than in the barrel.

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Fermentation of the non-colored grape pulp produces white wine.

Pinot noir, for example, is commonly used to produce champagne.

Dry (non-sweet) white wine is the most common, derived from the complete fermentation of the wort.

Red wine is made from dark-colored grape varieties.

The actual color of the wine can range from violet, typical of young wines, through red for mature wines, to brown for older red wines.

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