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242 years to 6001 millenium • Mayan: present year 5113. Einstein, however, has proven mathematically, and his successors have proven experimentally, that no such "one true" clock exists anywhere; and most of us don't believe in Papal infallibility, anyway.

Dating the year after next 2001 (Gregorian) has as much and as little validity as dating it 5761 (Hebrew) or dating it 128 (Pataphysical.) I think most people honest-to-Gawd believe the Papist date "is" the "real" date because they never stop to think about it.

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More traditional renderings turn Dao into a capitalized abstraction such as "the Way" or "the Path," and anybody trying to understand them feels like their brain has just turned to oatmeal.

By the way, I used an excellent new calendar to date this data-about-dating: the Tranquility calendar which begins on the day of the first moon landing (20 Athena 48 p.s. I strongly suspect that a world "external to," or at least independent of, my senses exists in some sense.

I also suspect that this world shows signs of intelligent design, and I suspect that such intelligence acts via feedback from all parts to all parts and without centralized sovereignity, like Internet; and that it does not function hierarchically, in the style of an Oriental despotism, an American corporation or Christian theology.

However, the White House staff considers and reports citizen ideas and concerns.

In addition to [email protected] House.gov, we have developed White House Web Mail, an automated e-mail response system.

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